Wednesday Workshop Postponed this Week


Unfortunately I need to postpone this week’s Webinar.


There is a very good reason behind it and the participants of last week’s Webinar are purely responsible!

I’ll be posting more on this in the forth coming days. I’m sure you can already guess what it’s about ;-)


Wednesday Workshop <= Thank You!

That had to be the most interactive Webinar I’ve had to date with a 100% participation from everyone that attended.

Thank You!

What better way of starting a Monday than by saying “thank you”!

I was sooo stuck on Wednesday morning and for the past few weeks for that matter and it was nice to show off what ProjectE was about and some of the work that had been completed so far.

I had been caught in the self-doubt stage and you reactions were superb to the whole idea behind it and where it could be taken. It needs more work, but I’ve got to draw the line somewhere and I’ll let you know when.


Hey why just use written words when I can now use video? More on this in a moment…

Video Quality

You may have noticed that the quality of the video is slightly better. I’ve bought a pair of huge daylight light boxes (they’re monsters) and a new camera.

The new issue I have is that the Kodak Zi8 camera has a high pitched whistle when using an external microphone, you can hear it in the video even after editing the sound track. Tiny bug-bear for now (yes I’ve Googled the daylights out of this, its known issue and its the latest firmware too :( ).

So.. has video quality had a marked improvement?

Webinar #2 With ChannelGrabber & A Users Feedback

Well, that was an amazing turnout, thank you so much to those who attended. We had a few technical issues to begin with, just like losing the questions on the previous week, I’ll learn from this to ensure that they get better each time.

So… What was the Webinar about?

The webinar was hosted by myself and we also have three guests, the first was Daniel, the MD of ChannelGrabber, Matthew the product director and Jason, someone who uses ChannelGrabber to run his business from.

We were not only shown what this tool can do but also cover how it can help your business be more effective at selling online. This was clearly highlighted by the feedback from Jason in the webinar and look out for the pivotal question at the end.

An Introduction to Why You Need a Tool Like This

I felt it necessary to add a short introduction before we get into the Webinar, one because it’s very long, the second to highlight the 3 reasons why you need a tool like this.

They are:

  1. You’re not entering data into specific sites, rather you are entering into a single site and it makes updating the information later much easier
  2. You can manage your sales orders in a single place
  3. It’s one of the two big spikes in a business’s life (automation & sales channels)

The Webinar

I apologised about 20 times for “butting-in” but this is where I was thinking of you and that you may have not realised the impact or exactly what we were referring to, so felt it necessary to do so. (another apology here lol)

I take for granted the features found in ChannelGrabber and are doing my best to ensure that you fully understand what we’re covering.

Webinar with ChannelGrabber Today @ 17:00

In case you’ve missed it, I’m holding another Free Webinar this evening at 17:00 GMT with MD of, Daniel and one of their users, Jason who is also one of the ProjectE 6.

Who Should Attend?

If you’ve never used an “automation tool” to manage the differing sales channels eBay & Amazon, then this webinar is for you.

There are typically three spikes in an online small/medium business, the first spike is when you start selling in the first place and dedicate time, the second is when you add more sales channels and the third is when you use a tool like ChannelGrabber to automate as much as possible and to refocus on better inventory data and more inventory.

These are my three rules to expansion, efficiency (internal & external), more sales channels, more inventory. A tool such as ChannelGrabber underpins ALL of these.

What are We Covering?

The webinar will be broken into two sections, the first will be hosted by Daniel and he’ll explain why a tool like this existed and how it can help you.

The second part will with Jason, an actual user of ChannelGrabber and you’ll hear “a real customer” that uses this for his business

Why Not Wednesday?

I’m off to a “customer council” with eSellerPro tomorrow and don’t fancy trying to host the Webinar from hotel wifi.

Where Do I Register?

You can register here and it starts at 5pm tonight.

See you there!

Tuesday (Not Weds) Workshop With ChannelGrabber!

Register NowI’m really excited to be able to announce that on Tuesday 13th September, I’ll be holding the next Webinar & have roped in two fantastic people to join me.

Here is your personal invitation and you can register here.

Guest Speakers

The first is Daniel Williams, Managing Director of ChannelGrabber and we’ll be delving deeper into why this product was created, how it helps businesses who sell on-line and what it can do for you.

The second is Jason. Jason is one of the 6 businesses that I’m working with as part of the ProjectE. You’ll be able to hear directly from one of the ChannelGrabber users, why he uses it, how it’s impacted his businesses and how it’s enabled him to work on his business and not purely in his business.

Why am I Excited?

I half-mention this in the video above, to be able to do “Multi Channel” effectively, then you need a tool in the background to support you & to apply processes, so that you can work more efficiently in and on your business. ChannelGrabber makes this task very easy and is exceptionally affordable.

Why Tuesday & Not Wednesday?

eSellerPro are holding a “customer council” that I have been graciously invited to on Wednesday and are attending the public “customer conference” event on Thursday. If you’ve missed this, then you can see the full article for the eSellerPro at Lords here.

BTW if you’re attending, look out for the bold bloke wearing purple & come say “hi!”.

When & Where

Register NowThis workshop is on Tuesday 13th September at 5pm UK Time. There are only 100 places and on the first workshop there were 81 attendees, register now before all the places are taken!

Previously Registered?

If you’ve already registered for the “Wednesday Workshops” from two weeks ago, it’s the same registration details. No need to re-register and you’ll be sent an email automatically just before the event on Tuesday. (Thanks Andre for pointing this out to me!)

House Keeping

Please arrive early, it will take a few moments to download the free GoToWebinar application and if you can arrive a few minutes before hand, you won’t miss the start of the meeting.

Stop - Take Action!Register now, only 100 places!
The first workshop there were 81 participants, the application only supports 100 and I’d hate for you to miss out.  You can register here.