A Special eCommerce Date You Cannot Miss Out On

Why is this date sooo important that I’m posting anything at all this week, when I know you’re at busiest time? Read on and you’ll find out.

I’ll keep this brief, as I know you’re exceptionally busy at the moment. “Cyber Monday” has passed, but I’m sure most of you are expecting the latter part of this week to be bigger that Monday was and for a few of you, Sunday was far better.

Either way I sincerely hope you’re making some serious cash on the marketplaces this Christmas. But I’d like you to draw your attention to one key date, it’s called 26th December.

Why is this date important and why am I posting anything at all this week, when everything is kicking off and like the picture I saw from Nick on Facebook, the Royal Mail vans are stuffed to the brim?

It’s because you’re at your busiest that I know you have a high chance of overlooking the obvious.

The moment that clock hits 00:00:01 on Boxing Day, your customers are in “sale mode”. We’re programmed to be in sale mode and as it’s at Christmas where more cash shifts around than any other time of the year and it’s perfectly possible to sell more, yes MORE after the 26th than before.

Think accessories, also think that the products could also have been purchased to clear as well, it doesn’t have to be a drop in margin. So in keeping this brief, I’m going to leave you with one question:

Other than the rest of the turkey, what have you got planned for the 26th December?

Oh, when you’re sick of sticking items into bags & boxes, look out for this Friday’s Podcast, it’s all about fulfilment.

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  1. The Emporium Direct
    The Emporium Direct says:

    Dear Matt, Can we schedule sale items on the marketplaces so they start automatically on 26th?

    Ideally I would like to schedule items for all sales channels via ESP – is this possible do you know?

    Also, when the sale ends, is there a quick way of reverting prices back to original?

    I am thinking along the lines of a export/import csv?

    I think it would be so good if I could plan and implement a sale but have most of it automated and easily manageable.


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Rik,

      How was “Cyber Monday” for you?

      Yes you can using schedule profiles, but make sure you read the documentation on them like a hawk and test beforehand as they are not intuitive.

      As far as pricing goes, yes and import/export would be best, although I’m not sure how you would schedule the price changes, it would need to be a import or bulk update of some kind.


      • The Emporium Direct
        The Emporium Direct says:

        Thanks Matt, sorry for “late” reply. Yes, trade is ok thanks and Cyber Monday was good. We are very proud of our team for working so hard and vigilantly through this busy busy period.

        Thanks for the advice I asked for, I will give this some thought.

        I hope all is ok and well your end.


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