Considering TNT Post for eBay Deliveries?

It’s not everyday you’ll get this kind of insight into a business that turns over in excess of 1,200 orders every day through the marketplace channels. So take a close look at the image below.

eBay DSR's Over Time

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The above graph plots the eBay Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR’s) over time for the past year or so from a single business.

Generally, item as described, communication, postage & packaging are all normal and uneventful, just the way we like them right?! However the blue line for despatch time, well that has a story to it.

Let’s start with the time up to February 2012.
Up until then, the post took a plane and a boat to arrive into the UK before being delivered by Royal Mail. Really boring with a mild peak in December which is to be expected from higher demands on the Postal Service and nothing to be concerned about.

First Peak
Now this is where it gets interesting. The first peak for the DSR “Dispatch Time” during March to April can be attributed to a combination of Royal Mail and TNT post being used as a trial period.

Now for that whacking huge spike in despatch time?
That was when TNT was used exclusively.

If we average out the despatch times up until then a value of 0.4% is fair. During that massive spike which saw a 225% increase in poor DSR’s being reported while TNT mail was being used exclusively and also the other DSR’s remained unaffected.

Understandably the plug was pulled and in July the company moved back to Royal Mail 2nd class. The effects of doing this, almost instant on DSR ratings for dispatch time and since then the DSR ratings have evened back out to what they were almost a year ago.


Do You Use TNT Post?

Have you considered using TNT post or currently use them for your eCommerce business?

What’s your experiences on using them and if you noticed any difference in DSR’s like this business did, we’d like to hear from you and you can let us know by leaving a comment below.

PS. If you want data like this for your eBay accounts, I’ll have this in WidgetChimp in the next few weeks

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    We did a 4 month trial of TNT Post for our Amazon orders at the start of the year. Our Amazon feedback went from 96% to 87% positive in that time. Switched back to Royal Mail and it went back to normal within 1 month. Best avoided for now until they are able to do final mile delivery.


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