What will happen to the 0.1%

99.9% Won’t Do This. What Will Happen to the 0.1%?


99.9% of you won’t follow what I’m about to share with you, so instead I’m going to share the story on why I think you should be in the 0.1% too.

We (thats myself & Dave) had got lost a couple of times on the streets of Bangkok, ok lots of times. If you’ve ever been to Bangkok, apparently Nana is where all the “adult” bars and we did happen to make a wrong turn down a street and quickly backed out as it wasn’t quite what we were expecting!

Jim from Moogento saved us as he had spotted us walking aimlessly from the rail platform above and caught up with us (I did hug Jim as we were soooooo lost!). We made our way to the right street to join in with our first DC meetup, which was on the topic of Amazon FBA.

Myself & Dave in the Airport

Myself & Dave in the Airport

The bar was absolutely rammed, at a guess I would say 60-70 of us had turned up for the first meet up of the week.

I quickly worked out, I was in a special place, with a special community and a special type of people.

No that wasn’t because we had inadvertently found ourselves in another adult area, but we were surrounded by loads & loads of fellow business owners, many of which had travelled similar distances as us just for this one week in Bangkok.

On the Friday we had opted for the extra day of masterminds. This is where a group of people, 7 including me sit around a table and we work through each of our challenges for 25 minutes.

The first 5 minutes is spent describing our business and the key challenge we need the help of the fellow entrepreneurs with. The rest of the time is dedicated to suggestions or delving deeper into the challenge(s).

I was the difficult one on the table (would you expect anything less?) as I already knew what we needed to be doing, I just wasn’t in a position that week to be able to action anything I needed to do.

Note: See the later blog post on this to give you an idea of what was done on the first proper day back from our journey.

On our table there was 6 other people, a lady that ran a massive online community for Tarot cards, an English teacher, a chap who ran a marketing business to help dentists (Jake also gave one of the closing keynotes on the Sunday), a chap called Miles (more on him in a moment), he worked with his wife on “Angel books” and was as successful as Jake. Karsten, quite a character! A lady who was running a content marketing company and Neha who had just finished her first online course and aiming to sell 2000 of them to make a million.

Quite a mix I’m sure you’ll agree.

Note: I didn’t have the heart to point out that making a million and banking a million were two very different things. It’s why my personal target is £4,580,000.

Now… I did mention that chap called Miles.

Out of the hundreds of people I met that week, only two stood out to me and Miles was one of them.

For me that was like seeing a mirror image of myself, but a couple of years on. If I had ever needed confirmation that travelling over 7,000 miles, getting slowly poached by the heat in Manila, slowly baked in the heat in Bangkok and not seeing my family for two weeks, he was it.

So of course, I did focus heavily on what he was suggesting, how he acted and how he behaved around others.

In my head, monkey-see-monkey-do is very, very powerful. It’s something I try and instill my girls, by not being like everyone else around them and setting the levels of effort (not work) higher than they’ll ever see by anyone else, ever.

One of the things Miles mentioned was to watch two videos on YouTube (this is where we are getting to the 0.1%).

Watch two videos, “hey that’s easy” I thought, anyone can do that.

WTF is in them?

I had no idea, but what he did then elaborate on was to repeatedly watch them once in the morning and once before bed for a week.

Trying to explain what is in these videos wouldn’t do them justice, you have to “connect” with them.

And this is where…

99.9% of other people won’t bother watching them

99.9% of other people won’t like it

99.9% of other people won’t watch these once in the morning and once in the evening

99.9% of other people will stop after the first day because they forgot.

Don’t be be the the 99.9%, be the 0.1%.

We are special, you are special. You can do great things.

The Videos

There are two videos below. Watch Part 1, then immediately watch Part 2.

And remember 99.9% of other people won’t bother pressing play, won’t like, won’t watch it more than once or because they forgot. Be different be the 0.1%.

Part 1

Part 2

Are you the 0.1% too?

Are you? Let me know in the comments box below

To your continued success,


PS. Getting your assistant to download the videos and make them into a MP3 file gives you no excuses for not being able to listen in to this at anytime, in the car, on the train or tube, as you get up, as you go to sleep etc…

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