Seth Godin on Good Marketing – Marketing Upside Down?

Wow, I wished every Monday started off with an interview like this, I think I should go looking for an interview like this every Monday, as Seth turns the traditional thinking on its head.

Who needs another webstore? Who needs another book shop? Who needs another, another, another… Find 2000 people interested in a certain area and then find them the product they are looking for, completely turns what we class as the normal world upside down.

Interesting comments in part three on the e-Myth book, I reviewed the e-Myth book recently, Seths thinking doesn’t render the thinking useless, just that he indicates that things have moved on since it it was written. For those who have read the book, I can still imagine walking from the reception to the dining room at the Hotel and sipping coffee with Sarah and her thinking of her orchard and how its going to feed her chain of yummy pie stores.

Did I buy his book ‘LINCHPIN‘ after watching this interview, you betcha!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The original article is here and Seth’s blog is here

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