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Published on June 26th, 2012 | by Matthew Ogborne


Google Checkout is now Google Wallet – New Logo’s Included

Google WalletI’ve used Google Checkout, sorry ‘wallet’, for years and I’ve experienced zero fraudulent transactions to date and as a buyer, I tend to use it over PayPal if the merchant accepts it. It just “works”.

Well its official, Google Checkout has today now been re-branded to “Google Wallet” and branding goes in-hand with the new Google Play.

I do actually like the new look & feel to both. However the purpose of this post is to remind you that the logo’s for Google Checkout are now changing and I’ve included the links to the latest versions below:

Big Buy Button

Normal Buy Button

Donate Button

Support Button

Contribute Button

Google Wallet Accepted Button

They’re much more stylish that the previous versions google-checkout-old-buy-button and it’s worth checking your shopping carts are using the latest logo’s for customers as any slight deviation in branding whether its your’s or a third parties could mean the difference between a customer converting and not.

Do you use Google Wallet for your checkout or have you used it as a buyer? What were your impressions? Let me know in the comments box below, I’d love to hear from you.


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11 Responses to Google Checkout is now Google Wallet – New Logo’s Included

  1. Baloo says:

    With previous ventures I’ve used Google Checkout, and similarly preferred it over PayPal, as a customer and as a seller (automatic withdrawal being a big factor as a seller). However, a while ago I got an email directly from GC telling me that the service was being withdrawn (this October of November if I remember right) and I needed to find a suitable alternative with another provider. They gave me some suggestions, but none of those were Wallet.
    I’m also a user of Wallet as a cusomer, and am the geek that pays for his morning coffee by tapping his phone on the credit card machine.
    But it has never occurred to me to look into accepting it as a seller. Although you’ve now spurred me on, as I am certainly not a fan of PayPal.

  2. #Google Checkout is now Google #Wallet – New Logo’s Included

  3. #Google Checkout is now #Google Wallet – New Logos Included –

  4. @avaricias says:

    Google Checkout is now Google Wallet – New Logo’s Included

  5. Google Checkout is now Google Wallet – New Logo’s Included

  6. @avaricias says:

    Google Checkout is now Google Wallet – New Logo’s Included

  7. Have you used Google Wallet for your online stores? Check out brand new logos via @lastdropofink

  8. Lace says:

    Those are really stylish logos Matt, I’ve never used Google Wallet myself but very interested.

    Does Google Wallet hold funds from merchants just like PayPal? I only read about them offering ‘mediation’ in case of order problems.

    • Howdy Lace,

      Yes, all processors will do that if the conditions dictate that to happen.

      We’re just highly aware of it via PayPal, but ‘traditional’ merchant services have been doing that for years. PayPal can get a bad rep at times, but to be honest, it does a pretty good job at what it does :)


  9. Google Checkout is now Google Wallet – New Logo’s Included: I’ve used Google Checkout, sorry ‘wal… @lastdropofink

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