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“Thank you”

I make sure that I reply to each subscription personally, just to say thank you for subscribing, this may take me a day or two, but I really appreciate you signing up.

One Question For You!

Tell me what you are struggling with, I want to know what you’re struggling with so that I can make this site better for you. Even if it’s something really small, don’t hesitate.

I know that some times the answer to this question can be personal, hence just reply to the email or email directly here that’s ok, or you can let me know in the forum here, it doesn’t matter which way I just want to do the best I can .

Thanks again & speak soon,


Ebay-Updates-Ipad-Edition-2012PS. You can download your free copy of the most comprehensive, 5,500 word guide to the pre-Christmas updates for eBay UK 2012 by clicking the image to the right or via this link: