The Responsive eBay Template Builder in Minutes


The full-house webinar we held for the launch of the Responsive eBay Listing Template builder was really good fun and we were at the limit of what GoToWebinar could handle, if you were able to make the live event, thank you!

However if you were unable to make it live, instead of you watching the full hour long webinar, I’ve created you a 12 minute overview where you’ll see us:

  • Start from no template at all
  • Create a unique listing template where you’re in control
  • Download the template code
  • Revise a live eBay listing using M2EPro & Magento ( this could be any 3rd party software )
  • And then… go back and make changes to the layout, design, widgets and colour scheme remotely

Remember, eBay say that over 40% of transactions are now touched by mobile devices.

You can still get an edge before Christmas!

The 12 Minute Overview

The shorter version is below for you:

Where to Get Started

All the major software tools are supported ChannelAdvisor, Linnnworks, eSellerPro, M2ePro, ChannelGrabber, BrightPearl, TurboLister, Selling Manager, Ad-Lister, SellerExpress, Inkfrog, InkFrog Open, StoreFeeder etc…

You can started with your very own fully responsive eBay listing template here:

If you would like to know more about pricing this can be found here as you can get started for just £9.99 a month and there are 2 months free for annual subscriptions too.

You can try the unique responsive listing template builder out for 30 days with a no-questions-asked refund policy.

We both need happy customers right?!


Responsive eBay Listing Template Webinar on Friday

Responsive eBay Listing TemplatesHowdy,

We know how big “Mobile” is for eBay, they say that 40% of all transactions are now touched by customers using a mobile devices.

The thing is, the normal listing templates that you’re most likely using don’t look great on mobile phones or tablets.

Your customers need to pinch and swipe to zoom in just to read your descriptions.

And that’s not a good thing.

We want customers to buy from you with as little fuss as possible.

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a 100% responsive eBay listing template builder as part of WidgetChimp and it’s now ready.

You can now carry your brand across all your eBay listings easily, no matter what device they are using, a mobile, a table or a desktop.

Free Webinar Friday at 2pm UK Time

You can see this truly unique listing template builder Friday 19th Sept at 2pm UK time, click the link below to save your seat:

If you’re in Germany, it’s at 3PM, Eastern US 9AM, Western US 6am or 11PM in Brisbane, Australia.

There are only 1,000 places available for this webinar and you should register right now.

I’m not saying this for some marketing ploy, I’m saying this as I’ve just sent emails out and there are 323 registered already. It will fill up completely before Friday.

See it in Action

You may know me personally and know how I’m wired to do things.

I didn’t stop at just 100% responsive eBay listing templates. Watch the video below and see what you could be leveraging right now. And I’ll show you everything on Friday.

Any Questions?

If you’ve joined myself & Dave for any of the UnderstandingE webinars or the eBay promoted Webinar we did earlier this year, you know that I will personally answer any questions you may have.

Even if it takes me an entire bank holiday as it did with the eBay & Magento webinar.

If you have a question, you can ask live on the Webinar. I’ll personally do my utmost to answer them then and there for you.

Grab your seat here and you will want to join early as this one is going to be maxed out.