My1stWish Multi eBay Shop & Listing Template Design

Seller: Large volume seller, feedback of 100,000+

Client Requirements – The client required a well designed eBay store which would be able to accommodate products under a varied range of categories. Each of these categories needed to be bespoke designed, so they would function as sub-stores, having a separate theme of their own.

Result -A brilliant, never seen before concept has been implemented on this eBay store. The landing page had a general generic theme and each of the primary 12 categories were displayed as image buttons below. The products under these categories could be viewed by clicking on any of these boxes. In order to provide a better navigation interface, a horizontal large header menu was implemented across all store pages. Each sub-store (category page) displayed a flash banner, the category promotion boxes of the subcategories within the category. The left column section of these sub-store pages displayed the categories within the sub-store, and one more level of categories which displayed as a drop-down list when hovered over. This allows for good space utilisation where thecustomer only sees which he chooses to and isn’t flooded with information at first glance.

Extra Features
• Sub-store themes within one main eBay store
• Flash Rotator Banner
• Horizontal Large Header Menu
• Widget to show 2nd level categories only