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Multichannel eCommerce Software

For Solution Providers

The aim of the solutions directory is to provide potential users with the latest and most up to date information regarding the various solutions available in the eCommerce & marketplace arena and how they can help improve their businesses.

While specially focused on the United Kingdom and Europe, listings that add value or have features available to the UK & EU are also included for completeness.

Minimum Provider Requirements

To be included in the directory, several key pieces of data are required, please include these when making a submission:

  • Product Service Overview
    An overview of your product or service and how it can benefit a prospective user.
  • Introduction Video
    Do you have a video that gives an overview to your company and/or product service offerings, if so include a link to the video’s hosting page for inclusion.
  • Up to 10 Product /Service Screen Shots
    At a maximum size of 1024×768, you may include up to 10 screen shots.
  • Logo
    In any fortmat, 200 x 100 pixels or larger
  • Website Address
    The most applicable landing page for  a prospective user
  • Details of Pricing Plans
    Include details of any free trial periods you may have 
  • Supported Platforms
    If your product or service is software, is this web or desktop based, what platforms are supported?
  • Which category is applicable?
    See the right hand side of this page gfor the current category list and select one category that is most suitable. 
  • Affiliate Status
    Are you part of an affiliate network, if so enclose details.
  • Social accounts
    Names and links to accounts
  • Address
    You physical address, UK addresses preferred

Requesting Updates & More Information

You may request more information with regards to the solutions directory using the contact form here.

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