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Skype with Facebook contacts in 5.0 release

Facebook and SkypeSkype upgrades to version 5.0 with a Facebook Tab in the console. Huge mass of Facebook users can now get news feeds and updates while chatting or calling through Skype.

Furthermore, Skype version 5 (click here to download) users, who would love to get Facebook in Skype, can call and SMS friends from Facebook contacts, if the number is allowed to be displayed in Facebook. Also if a Facebook friend has a Skype ID, then he can be added to Skype contact for free calls, which is the best side of using Skype.

New Skype also has an improved console with group video calling, massages labeled with avatars and increased call quality. Skype developers have also added an option to restart interrupted calls which will be helpful in slow internet connections.

I’ve been using the Beta version of Skype for quite a while now, after they added the FaceBook addon, I was able to add about 400 extra contacts through the FB connector and the GMail connector. I even found my old Skype account!

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