Amazon Release a Synchronize Offers Internationally Tool

Amazon have just released a tool for selling internationally as a pilot. This is very curious, especially what the implications are for both yourself as a business owner and also 3rd party tools too.

Let’s jump straight in and have a look at the email from Amazon.

Synchronize Offers Internationally Tool

Hello Seller,

As a successful international Seller, you have experienced the benefit of listing your products in multiple marketplaces. Creating listings in multiple marketplaces can be a time consuming process. That’s why Amazon is testing a new tool that will make it easier for you to create listings in multiple EU marketplaces: The Synchronize Offers Internationally Tool. We invite you to participate in our Beta program and use the Synchronize Offers Internationally Tool.

With the new Synchronize Offers Internationally Tool you can:

  • Automatically create listings in the target (new) marketplaces based on products you are selling in your source ((home) marketplace.
  • Automatically sync price changes in the target marketplace whenever your make price changes for your products in your source marketplace.
  • Monitor exchange rate fluctuations and adjust your prices accordingly in target marketplaces.

To participate in this program, simply respond “yes” to this email and we will grant you access to the Synchronize Offers Internationally Tool.  After you read the important help content and terms and conditions, you can start using the tool.

Click here to download a live demo

Click here to review help pages

Thank you!

Amazon Global Selling

So what is this Tool?

This tool will allow you to sell your products from existing stock on Amazon, internationally across the other Amazon sites. If you’re primarily using, this means,, and, sounds great, but there are some caveats.

  • The product already has a detail page in the target marketplace with the same ASIN as in the source marketplace.
  • The product is in stock in the source marketplace.
  • The listing is active in the source marketplace.
  • The condition of the product is “new”.

Point 1 is the biggest one, your product(s) need to already exist on the international sites with the same ASIN that you’re using on We all know that this may not actually be the case, so this tool may need some work or considerations by yourself before using this as Amazon will take the stance that their product catalogue is perfect and there are no duplicates.

Amazon Synchronise Offers Internationally Tool- 2

Amazon Synchronise Offers Internationally Tool- 2

In the video that accompanies this tool, it gets really interesting at 10 mins 40 seconds when a new product is added a new product will be pushed to the sites where there is a product that exists with the same ASIN, but not to the sites where the ASIN does not exist yet.

Also on the topic of pricing, Amazon have 3 pricing rules to choose from, these are:

  1. The same price as the base site converted to Euro’s
  2. Percentage above source marketplace (eg 10%)
  3. Fixed amount above source marketplace (eg 5GBP)

If you watch the video, at around 14 minutes, there is an interesting block on over pricing, Amazon have written a maximum of 200% of the base price, also when connecting other marketplaces, there needs to be no pre-existing offers on that marketplace.

A screen shot of the connections screen is below:

Amazon Synchronise Offers Internationally Tool

Amazon Synchronise Offers Internationally Tool

Find out more

To contact Amazon about being on this Beta program, you can email them at [email protected] and request access, after being entered into the program you’re able to manage the connections of products from your Amazon seller central account. You can find out more here on their dedicated help page here.

What do you think?

It’s a nice touch that Amazon will use the exchange rates for you when converting the prices, some tools charge for this service. But do you think this will be helpful to you? What about pricing rules for international selling, is this just enough or is it too restrictive?

Let em know in the comments box at the bottom.