What a Silly Design Flaw –’m not sure who designed this site, but I do know it was only very recently redesigned. They’ve managed to make a very common and very silly error in their design structure, they’ve got a wealth of text, hidden in images.

Take a look here or in any of their top level categories, a screen shot is below, clearly highlighting the issue:

Missguided Lost Keywords

Missguided Lost Keywords Hidden in Images

That’s right the following text is lost, because search engines cannot read images, even worse they’ve just loosely labled the image with a title & alt tag of ‘Accessories’. So instead of seeing this:

Scarves, bangles and bows… charms, belts and bags- add delightful details, luxurious lockets and perfect pearls to complete any outfit! See below for our full range of bags, belts, bangles, bracelets, eyelashes, necklaces, headbands, scrunches, watches and sunglasses.

Which is 38 words, search engines see ‘Accessories’. Doh!

Don’t you make such a silly mistake too with your website, use text descriptions for your categories. Of course, by all means use images of models and perhaps in this example, put the peace, heart, ampersand & accessories in an image for style. But never, ever sell yourself short.