How to Get Amazon Feedback Removed

Amazon Negative FeedbackReceiving a negative comment regardless if it’s on a marketplace or not is not fun, however with this simple to follow guide you can get some of your negative and neutral comments removed.

What Can be Removed from Amazon Feedback?

To set clear expectations this is not going to work for all comments that are left, however there is a certain type of comment that Amazon will remove that doesn’t include the normal reasons such as foul language or if they have left personally identifiable information, like a link, address or name (if you didn’t know those two, they’ve just scored two more).

“The type of feedback comment you can easily asked to be removed from Amazon is the type of feedback that includes a review of the product”

Amazon Neutral CommentAmazon has spent years building up their reviews database, from what started as staff adding their reviews to the vibrant feedback forum it has now turned into with products that receiving decent 4 & 5 star reviews outstripping their competition hands down. The type of feedback comment you can easily ask to be removed from Amazon is the type of feedback that includes a review of the product.  After all a product review should be in the correct section for others to see, not in a sellers feedback profile.

And it’s on those grounds you can ask (where apt of course) for Amazon to remove a product review from your feedback profile on Amazon and if that comment happens to be a neutral or negative comment, happy days.

Just before posting this article I thought I’d see if I could find an apt comment to use as an example, the very first seller I found on Amazon had one and I’ve included it as a screenshot to the right.

“Little disappointed as the adventures are quite short – one about 20-25 minutes and the other only 15 minutes. Perhaps I didn’t read the info section properly.”

That kind of feedback would be amazing in a product review, if you were buying the product that “AST” had bought and spotted in the customer reviews that they stories were rather short.

That to me is a product review, not a constructive comment for the services provided by the seller and as such is up for removal, Amazon see it that way too in their FAQ section.

Removing Neutral & Negative Amazon Comments

You have to ask Amazon to remove the comment(s) from your profile, they won’t pro-actively check your feedback cards. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to open a new ‘Support Case’ in Amazon Seller Central
  2. Select “Seller Account Settings” on the left
  3. The select “Orders > Customer feedback problems”
  4. And include the details about the comment and clearly state that it is a product review.
  5. Select your contact method at the bottom and press “Send Message”

To help you, I have written you a template you could use when contacting Amazon. If you have had previous feedback comments remove, it’s always a good idea to include the previous ticket number, as it’s unlikely to be the same member of the Amazon Seller Support team that is going to be answering you email


We have received a comment from <USERNAME> that reads as a product review in our feedback profile on our Amazon account.

The comment is:


As you can see this really is a product review and is more suited towards the product reviews section, can you remove this comment from our feedback profile?

Kind regards,


This is know to work well for comments that are reviews, let me know your experiences in the comments box below!

My1stWish Smashes +100,000 eBay Feedback

Its not everyday someone can say they topped one thousand feedback comments on any platform, let alone one hundred times more.

I still remember getting my first score of 10, then 100 feedbacks and then another new star for 1,000 feedbacks, never did I believe back then that I’d personally top 14,000 feedback on single account on eBay, but be involved with companies that did this for breakfast.

One such company that I have had the delight of working with since its creation a few years ago was My1stWish and I’m happy to report that they recently topped the scale by achieving the level of over 100,000 positive comments on eBay.

The moment it happened was caught for wall mounting:


About My1StWish

If you’ve never heard of My1stWish, then you’ve never been in the eBay clothes, shoes & accessories category on eBay UK. My1stWish are a brilliant example of a small business that grew from a bedroom to a turnover of several million pounds in only a few years. Covering eBay, Amazon, websites and International markets to aid their expansion.

Coming Soon…

There is more to follow along the lines of this topic, may be tomorrow? You’ll have to wait and see. Stroke the lantern Aladdin :D