A New Marketplace that is in Plain Sight? +$60,000 in 6 Months!


Would you like to find out how I’ve make a company over $60,000 in sales in less than 6 months, by basically dicking around?

If so read on… I’ve been busy, busy making a point.

eBay & Amazon are the Crack Dealers of eCommerce

Don’t miss-read this title, eBay & Amazon are fantastic, but really, they are the crack dealers of eCommerce.

They’ll chop you for a good 15% every time and you’ll just keep on dishing out the cash to them because they’ve got the crack (aka customers) that your business needs to survive.

There has to be another way of getting your products in front of customers that doesn’t involve dishing out huge chunks of cash every time, even for repeat buyers.

Good news, there is!

And the scariest thing is…

Your customers will love you for it and you’ll build a relationship with them that is real. Not mediocre & fake through lines of text in feedback and fluffy stars.

All By Accident

I always said I’d get around to “doing YouTube” at some point.

I always thought it would be on eCommerce, multi-channel software or something entrepreneur related.

But no, I inadvertently ended up with a YouTube Channel focused on Remote Control models. Who knew!

6 months later, man what a ride!

A Year Long Project

For me this is a year long project and I’m now exactly half way through.

I’ve kept the results quiet until yesterday and the results so far, well they are nothing short of outstanding.

Frankly I’m shocked how well this has gone.

Here are a few details that will make you JOLT up and take notice.

This ain’t no bull:

  • I’ve grown a YouTube account which can be measured in thousands of percent
  • So far this month the channel has had 315,688 minutes watched
  • That’s 219 days & 5 hours or 7.3 MONTHS that people have watched my videos on youtube
  • Between 22nd Jun 2016 and 31 Dec 2016 1,257,499 minutes have been watched and the videos have been viewed 286,977 times
  • I’ve met more crazy nutters like myself than I could have ever have imagined
  • For just one company alone, I’ve generated them over $60,000 USD in sales
  • And finally as a kicker, my YouTube account is banned from Google advertising

Here is a screenshot from my YouTube account:

YouTube Statistics

Just imagine…

Yea I’ve been quiet here lately.

This is the reason why.

I’ve been smashing YouTube and have done nothing special other than one thing, “I’ve been me”.

Just imagine what kind of effect this could have for you & your business.

There is no secrets to YouTube being a success for you & your business. All you have to do is be “you” and turn up everyday.

The interview with Dave is at the top of this article, grab a cuppa and dig in. I believe you’ll find it enlightening.

As always, your continued success,



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