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eBay Conspiracy Theory Overview : Part 1

Here are a few things for you to chew over, I’m not saying these are true, they’re probably utter rubbish, but… they do have enough in them to at least be partly true, right? Here are my eBay conspiracy theories, don’t expect too much detail yet, I’ll beef these out in further posts over the next few days: […]

Oh dear, They Really Shouldn’t

Well been hovering thinking of all the cool topics I should blog about, then out of the blue from the AuctionBytes site and chestnut appears. It reads ‘eBay Selects Joomla to Launch Employee Collaboration Tool‘. Oh dear god no!!! I’ve been through most open source CMS systems and Joomla is the most hacked to pieces one of […]

Google TV, How Neat

Only nerdy me would think the idea of Google TV would be fab? Perhaps not, lets look at what they’re up to and possibly why. Before we begin, lets look their flashy website, its here: http://www.google.com/tv/ Lets get the the key features together and spot where they are could make money: Set top boxes or integrations Although I very […]