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And Breathe – Amazon Price Parity Going!

Take one big sigh of relief with the Christmas period upon us, some very welcome news for you… The OFT welcomes Amazon’s decision to end its price parity policy, which restricts its sellers from offering lower prices on other online sales channels, across its Marketplace in the European Union from 30 August 2013. A special […]


Amazon Gets Aggressive With Price Parity

This is a follow-up article from the original posted a few days ago regarding Have You Received a Price Parity Policy Warning from Amazon? and it’s not pleasant. If you’ve not read the earlier article yet or the comments, then this won’t make much sense to you just yet and obviously key parts of the email have been removed. This […]


Podcast 008 – Wasting Time With Fulfilment

The timing of this Podcast is perfect, I’m betting this week has been the busiest week you have ever had in your business and a by-product of that is an obscene amount of orders that need to be picked, packed & despatched. Both Dave & myself personally see absolutely no value for the average small business […]


Amazon Enforcing Returns Polices on 3rd Party Sellers

Is this the end for bespoke goods and a wake up call for 3rd party sellers that use Or a really good move for buyers? Amazon has had a bit of a beating from us over the past few months, being aggressive with price parity, response times for messages and very short notice on changes that could cripple some […]


Amazon Just Made it REALLY Difficult for 99.9% of UK Businesses

First there was the price parity warnings, then there was the policy warnings for buyer response times, then Amazon started to get aggressive with 3rd party businesses by throwing them off and now… They’re bulking in all the really expensive places in the UK to ship to as mainland UK. I’m going to start this article with a direct and […]


Making Sense of the Pending eBay UK Updates in May 2012

This quarter, eBay UK updates are a real mixed bag, on one hand there appears to be a lot taken away and the other little given back. I’m going to be using a scoring system for each update, +1 if it I feel it’s a positive change for businesses and -1 if I don’t. I wonder […]


Why You Should Not Use Magento

Following on from my earlier post on ‘Why You Should Use Magento‘, now for Magento’s negative side. This is part 2 of a two part series on Magento, in this first part we look at why you should not use Magento for your eCommerce website platform. Magento is a beast, if its not the depth of […]


Are There Alternatives to eSellerPro?

I’ve been asked this question too many times to ignore it. As you would expect there is some general unrest amongst users of nearly all the systems I’ve come across, not just eSellerPro. And the larger the business using eSellerPro, because they take a percentage-of-sale, the more expensive it becomes and monthly bills of +£7,000 are […]