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Business magento to eSellerPro integration

Published on January 7th, 2013 | by Matthew Ogborne


Magento to eSellerPro Integration Completed!

magento to eSellerPro integrationLooking to use eSellerPro with Magento or looking for an alternative website system to use along side eSellerPro? Read on!

Over the Christmas period, I’ve completed a fully compatible integration from eSellerPro to Magento Community & Enterprise editions.

It’s the best of both worlds, you can now use the same inventory that you are using for selling on eBay, Amazon etc… and power your own fully customised website using Magento and order processing is completed back in eSellerPro.

How it Works

Because the integration connector sits between eSellerPro and Magento, if the data is available, anything is possible

The way the integration works is in 5 parts and this integration works with your existing processes and still allows you to manage as much as possible from within eSellerPro.

Part 1 – Inventory
You manage your inventory just as you are now in eSellerPro. Select the products that you’d like to send to your Magento website(s) and they’re created or updated on Magento automatically for you.

You can power as many sites as you like from this connector and beyond the eSellerPro limit of 10 stores via the Channel Profile. Oh and attributes, which you’ll know as custom fields are automatically generated for you.

Part 2 – Stock & Price Updates
Stock and price updates are automatically processed, so that if you have 10 items in stock and sell 2 on Amazon, the updates are also reflected on your Magento website.

Part 3 – Order Processing
As you receive orders on your Magento websites, orders are delivered back to eSellerPro and go through the same standard order process, just like your orders from the other order sources.

Part 4 – Order Updates
As you process your orders and mark them as shipped, just like with eBay & Amazon, your Magento website orders are updated with the shipment information and customers are notified directly.

Part 5 – Customisation & 
Because this is a connector that is sat between eSellerPro and Magento it is completely customisable.

If you have bespoke requirements they can be accounted for, the connector can do anything that you cannot do in eSellerPro and apply a layer of pre & post processing logic to fully customise your product & order data between the two systems.

A few examples of customisation are:

  • Tiered pricing, that’s pricing discounts based upon order quantities
  • Group pricing for wholesale, trade or other customer groups in Magento
  • Expands beyond the limit of 10 stores in eSellerPro
  • Automatic attribute creation
  • Support for simple and configurable products (these are variation & multi-variation products)
  • Support for almost any 3rd party extensions that you use that also need to be updated. Such as Google Base & Products Ads or variation images via MagicBox for swapping images with variation selections.
  • Automatic re-indexing, keeping your indexes up to date

This integration also works in reverse, so that if you’re using Magento right now for your website business and want to use eSellerPro for the back office functions, then now the two can be deeply integrated.

Video Overview

Press play on the video below to be taken through a high level overview of the Magento to eSellerPro connector.

Would You Like to Know More?

The full feature list is available on the Magento to eSellerPro Integration is available. Pricing depends on the level of customisation required with a small monthly fee that includes additional developer hours per month to make any changes as required and processing time.

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About the Author

"Matt has run his own eCommerce business for 3 years, worked with two software companies Marketworks and eSellerPro & sole author of the LastDropofInk site. He has worked with the majority of the UK’s largest marketplace businesses and helped brands such as Tesco Outlet & Office Shoes launch onto eBay UK."

Responsive eBay Listing Templates

23 Responses to Magento to eSellerPro Integration Completed!

  1. Hi Matt,

    Quick question – have you used Linnworks much and if so, how does it compare to eSellerPro?


    • Howdy Paul,

      A little off topic for this article, however yes and Linnworks is very good at what it does.

      There are some challenges in Linnworks that have not been solved properly and the client that was hammering the living daylights out of it actually moved to another service provider as we got to a level where we out grew it in complexity. However for starting off to mid-term, outstanding :) But do look carefully into the inventory structure and listing processes, they just don’t “sit-right “with me.


  2. Artur says:

    Hola Matt,

    Can you explain how it will affect designer’s?

    Because I’ve heard roumors that you will be able to import Magneto design to ebay store design.. o something like that…

    Thanks a lot,

    • Howdy Artur,

      This is a connector to send product, stock & price data from eSellerPro to one or more Magento websites and for orders to be delivered back and order updates to be sent back to Magento and processed. The design and product & category data are intermingled, however the design just makes the data look great, if that makes sense?

      But I believe your question isn’t about that, rather that a Magento design will be portable to an eBay store design. That doesn’t exist right now, so you cannot use theme files for eBay stores like you can in Magento, but it would be super cool if you could do that as styling the eBay store is mainly a collection of CSS hacks to make it appear a lot nicer than it actually is.


  3. RT @lastdropofink: Magento to eSellerPro Integration Completed!: Looking to use eSellerPro with Magento or looking for an alter… #in

  4. Howdy,

    This comment is in reply to T Hughes questions here.

    “setting the quantity to 1 rather than 0 will help conversions”
    what do you mean? do you mean the facebook likes qauntity? as this is no product qauntity amount?

    See the image below, the qty box is set to 0 which is confusing. Imagine a customer on that page, they would be thinking “do I need to add a 1 in that box?” and making customers think is a bad thing.

    “move the estimate delivery section to the left, so that the most important button “Proceed to checkout” is 50% higher up the page”
    Lost me there….. the estimate delivery is on the left? (do you mean in a colomn on the left of the image?) not sure where the proceed to checkout you talking about is….it in the rollout in the header…..although Im working on a ajax pop up after adding to cart for that.

    Current layout:

    Suggested Layout:

    Crucially the “Proceed to checkout” button is on the top half of the page meaning that the user does not have to scroll to checkout, unless they have lots of items in the cart.

    Also I have removed the distracting “Update Shopping Cart” button to a text link on the left as there should only be one big button on that page, the “Proceed to checkout” button. In fact add the “Proceed to checkout” button on the same line as the “Shopping Basket” text, so that if they do have multiple line items in the cart, they don’t have to scroll to find the next stage button.

    There are a collection of smaller things too, but that should keep you busy for a while :)


    • Gareth says:

      Matt: Thanks for comment about integration – it is great to know you can do this and that’s what you meant.

      T Hughes: Thanks for comment on eBay shop – I believe it was Matt who built that template!


    • T Hughes says:

      aaah yes, I understand now.

      That is really really good advise! Thanks

      Will have to work on those

  5. T Hughes says:

    Hi Matt, we are in the middle of an intergration with esellerpro and magento at the moment.

    Checkout out new magento site, is 95% complete:

    We have only gone for the order and stock part of the intergration at the moment due to cost qouted by esellerpro.

    • Howdy,

      Swish site! I see you’ve gone for the PayPal direct payments as well, good choice.

      I did just notice that on the product pages eg here that setting the quantity to 1 rather than 0 will help conversions. Also I’d put the Facebook social plugin up under the product description too, rather than being at the bottom and in the shopping cart, move the estimate delivery section to the left, so that the most important button “Proceed to checkout” is 50% higher up the page.

      The Magento integration above, does the inventory creation as well, along with stock & price updates. Plus if you’re looking for trade/wholesale customers grouped pricing is supported, along with tiered pricing for price breaks on quantity and also the related/similar items is supported which means you can manage the relationships in eSellerPro on the Related Items / Kits tab and they populate in Magento.

      And of course any extra processing needed, such as transferring & updating attributes/customfields, to ensure that the items are set across as fully as possible.

      If you’d like to have a chat on this, my email is matt [at]


      • T Hughes says:

        Thanks for the feedback, couple of questions:

        “setting the quantity to 1 rather than 0 will help conversions”

        what do you mean? do you mean the facebook likes qauntity? as this is no product qauntity amount?

        “Facebook social plugin up under the product description too”

        Hahaa yeah Ive been trying to get that moved into the left coloumn but Magento xml layout is being stubborn about it and disagreeing with me on how php and xml should work! ;-)

        “move the estimate delivery section to the left, so that the most important button “Proceed to checkout” is 50% higher up the page”

        Lost me there….. the estimate delivery is on the left? (do you mean in a colomn on the left of the image?) not sure where the proceed to checkout you talking about is….it in the rollout in the header…..although Im working on a ajax pop up after adding to cart for that.

      • Howdy,

        I’ll reply in a new comment below this thread so that I can include some screen shots for you.


    • T Hughes says:

      You should also think about the future and if you ever wanted to move to a different ERP like SAP or Netsuite, etc. I doubt you could take your esellerpo website and intergrate it with something else. I suppose its about ownership and flexibility to change.

      • Gareth says:

        Good point!

        We think it is best to stick with third party options that are preferred by ESP as we only have basic web development skills and wouldn’t want to mess anything up ESP’s end.

        ESP is our hub and we think its best to keep it that way.

        Thanks again,

      • Howdy Gareth,

        That’s the point of these integrations, so you can keep all your existing processes and use the website platform of your choice :)


      • T Hughes says:

        Great eBay shop Gareth!

        Your product template is brillant, we need to update ours. (it on the list of the 1000s of “to do”)

        Would like to add that related products and the feedback box at some point.

  6. Gareth says:

    Howdy Matt,

    Nice article and video.

    I have a question please I hope you don’t mind answering:

    Out of OpenCart, Magento or an eSellerPro built website, is one better than the other?

    I assume because both Magento and OpenCart are open source, then they are cheaper than one built by ESP? But are they better overall?

    Many thanks,

    • Howdy Gareth,

      That’s impossible to answer for your business directly as there are too many factors to account for. However briefly here is a run down:

      eSellerPro V’s Own Site
      If you just want a site up and for it to work with no hassles, then an eSellerPro site is a good choice. The data links back into eSellerPro are deep and you don’t need to worry about technical things like SSL certificates and coding. It just works. Plus the designs are normally really good.

      On the flip side, if you find the inability to add new features or bring in 3rd party developers to do bespoke work on your site, then your own site, regardless of platform would be better. Also note that most webiste offerings, such as Magento, OpenCart, CS Cart and so on have oddles more features than you’ll find in eSellerPro sites, because they have had years of development on them.

      OpenCart V’s Magento
      The devil is in the detail for these, Magento has far more features available by default and handles variation products a lot better than OpenCart. On the flip side OpenCart is very flexible, far cheaper to develop against and just works.

      I’m a massive fan of OpenCart, I’ve used it for years and both platforms have huge extension bases available to extend beyond their defaults.

      What I’d say is that for inventory with no variations or single variations, say size or colour, then OpenCart perfectly adequate, however if you have products that have more than one variation or more complex requirements, then Magento is a better choice as it handles these in a superior fashion.

      Does that help?


      • Gareth says:

        Hi Matt,

        Thanks for your quick and detailed reply!

        That makes a lot of sense and I will mention this to my colleagues. Its great to know both platforms integrate with ESP and we have the choices there.

        Thanks again,

    • T Hughes says:

      For us it was about not having to rely on esellerpro to make changes to our site.

      But it depends if you have savy people in house who can make changes and customise your site. If not then a out of the box complete website from esellerpro could be better.

      We went with magento but its far from simple to develope for.

      • Gareth says:

        Thanks T Hughes,

        Like you, we like the idea of being able to change things without being so reliant on ESP, however and as you mentioned, if it not so easy in terms of coding, then perhaps we need to really consider this more before making a decision as we are not developers.

        Thanks for your help,

  7. #Magento to #eSellerPro Integration Completed! <= Just posted. Time for a new web presence?

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