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Using a shopping cart to buy or rent products as opposed to selling.
March 3, 2013
9:34 PM
Forum Posts: 40
Member Since:
July 14, 2012


I was wondering if anyone has ever setup a shopping cart to do any of the following

1) Buy in products from customers e.g. music magpie, CEX buy dvds and music
2) Rent products to customers

I am considering buying and renting games through a website as another arm to our current business, not aiming to compete with lovefilm as they hold about 80% of the market but just as additional to see how it works for us, with this in mind i do not want to spend thousands and thousands on setting this up, the rental media is not a concern its the cost and setup of the website itself, we do not have our own web developer and are looking to outsource it or find a solution we can handle such as a plugin.

I imagine most smaller buying / rental websites are customised shopping carts, i am guessing that starting from scratch will be very expensive in terms of customising the cart code to buy products rather than sell them, renting them is probably a different game entirely.

I have been hunting for extensions to shopping carts as one option, as i imagine this to be a cheaper way to achieve any of these functions but i am struggling to find anything much.

I found a rental module for magento at $600 which seems ok but the magento site looks terrible in my opinion, it just looks like magento, and i am unsure on the ability to make the site more user friendly like lovefilm or similar.

Has anyone setup a shopping cart that buys items? any suggestions on the above would be appreciated.



March 4, 2013
12:08 PM
Matthew Ogborne
Forum Posts: 446
Member Since:
September 24, 2010

Hi Kieran,

You’re right to have broken this into two parts, but there is one extra part too.

The first part for the buying in of products, needs a link out to find the marketplace pricing for the product, assuming that the product is barcoded, then both eBay and Amazon could be good sources for this. You’ll also need to allow this to be fed back into the shopping cart system with bespoke pricing and it gets deeper with the processing of the products that have arrived (such as tracking, a customised checkout & payment mechanism).

With regards to the rental side something like this would work…..tions.html but even then that’ll need further work.

The other part is the theming of the site, I’d not suggest you worry to much about this, as that can be done last, the key features are the price lookups, customised carts, checkout flow, then the booking in mechanism & payments and then the rental side.

Budget wise, we’d be looking at £5-7K depending on what can be used as a base to the site and what can be hijacked to expedite the process.


March 5, 2013
8:59 AM
Forum Posts: 40
Member Since:
July 14, 2012

Hi Matt

Actually i was more worried about the theming, magento theming seems to be expensive, i could get open cart themed for about £600 with dzinehub but i have had previous magento qoutes at a few thousand pounds.

I guess that trying to buy in stock as well as sell and rent in the same shopping cart will be too complicated.

From what i can tell music magpie is essentially a shopping basket system like a shopping cart with a minimum quantity set on basket and no payment at the end, instead of a payment gateway at the end it is a free purchase which supplies an order document with return shipping label, i think that is what it is. The hard part is automatically pricing the scanned in items, i think this is done using the amazon product mws / api and then rules to calculate a percentage of the current selling prices of the item scanned, essentially it uses repricer software to calculate a buy price, so setting up this custom code is the tricky part for me, any suggestions on a company that could create this tool/ module?

The renting and selling part should actually be pretty straightforward in the backend, which is the part i think you were suggesting is the most costly, i have found a company who have made a module specifically for rental etc and it has all the things needed such as a rental queue, serial coding the movies etc, its pretty comprehensive and designed for the purpose.

rental-e-commerce-software com

I think that $599.99 with no ongoing costs is pretty good value, i am certain it would cost thousands otherwise adapting the booking / queuing system you mentioned.

So i think this leaves me with theming the site/s, hosting considerations which i know you have articles on and finally the bespoke buying module / tool.

So i am hoping to do this for quite a bit less than you suggested

1) Free magento install
2) Rental module cost $599.99 (£397.00) – i think i save quite a bit here
3) Theming costs – Unsure but rental module company offer custom theming for $1900 (£1258), i have had qoutes of £4000 before.
4) Buying stock module ??
5) Customising backend for booking in stock /tracking incoming sales etc?? Was hoping to use Channel grabber for most of this type of thing which will need some bespoke work with them, but feel the interface would be better than magento when we use channelgrabber to sell our stock anyway.
6) Hosting – Will look further at your article.

What do you think?


March 6, 2013
6:54 PM
Matthew Ogborne
Forum Posts: 446
Member Since:
September 24, 2010

Howdy Kieran,

With the themeing side, drop Fahd an email at you won’t get a quote that scary and it’s who I normally recommend for eBay & Magento design work as I know I can trust them to do a decent job (feel free to remind them of that when you call :) ). It does look like you need extra styling work on top which needs to be accounted for, as that’s out of the normal scope of an eCommerce design and needs to be a topic to discuss with them.

The buying stock module is an unknown, a budget in the region of £1000 to £2000 would be sensible because we don’t know how deep this needs to go. This could be in several ways hence the difference of a grand between the upper and lower ends. When it comes to the stock & sales, I’m not sure what to suggest for you, personally I would keep it in Magento because you can do what you like in that and not wait on someone else’s development team.

Hosting, a budget of £100 a month is sensible. It’s the number of products that make this price go up. If we’re talking 1-2K products cheaper VPS or Hybrids can be used, up to ~30-40K products then something like the HS100 under the hybrid servers link at the top of Heart Internet will be adequate.

Does that help you?


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