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Published on March 17th, 2013 | by Matthew Ogborne


Will I be Seeing You at Internet Retailing Expo 2013 This Week?

It’s IRX time again, yay!

Held at the NEC in Birmingham, it’s one of my favourite events of the year, not because of the presentations held or even that the coffee is mildly decent, but purely as a networking event. Last year I spent more time out of the main hall than I did in it and I fully intend do the same this year.

If you’ve not heard of the conference before, then its a free to register & attend event (you can register here for free). With the exception of the ChannelAdvisor Catalyst event and out of the public conferences that I visited over the past few years, it was by-far the better one of them all for when it comes to meeting peers.

I won’t be in such a vibrant colour as last year, toning it down to purple instead and I’m really looking forward to seeing you there, pop over & say “hi” or “hola” or “howdy” I’d love to meet you :)

Will you be attending?

Let me know in the comments box below:

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7 Responses to Will I be Seeing You at Internet Retailing Expo 2013 This Week?

  1. Latif says:


    Are you at the event today? Been looking out for you, but no joy.


  2. steven L says:

    Hi Matt
    Hoping to ake my way down tomorrow, looking forward to a seeing a good list of suppliers. one thing has confused me…
    Facebook page seems to suggest it starts thursday???

  3. Good stuff, will see you there :D

  4. Hey Matt, are you there both days or just one of the days? I’ll be there on Thursday if you’re around :)

  5. Will I be Seeing You at Internet Retailing Expo 2013 This Week?: It’s IRX time again, yay! Held… @lastdropofink

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