iContact Wins International Customer Management Institute’s Global Call Center of the Year Award

John Hayes iContact

John Hayes iContact

Congrats to John Hayes & his team for this award, in his own words “call centres aren’t sexy – but these guys are our frontline troops and separate us from the competition

iContact Corp., a leading email marketing and social media marketing company, announced that its customer support call center won the coveted Global Call Center of the Year Award from International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) in the small-medium call centre competition.

“It is an honor for iContact’s customer support teams to be recognized as a benchmark by one of the service industry’s most recognized and trusted advisory organizations,” said Sarah Stealey, senior vice president of customer support at iContact. “This reflects our rigorous standards, and our outstanding agents’ ability to bring the highest level of focus and quality to all customers at every touchpoint. Small- and medium-sized businesses rely on iContact to help their businesses grow and succeed through email and social media marketing.”

Every day, iContact polls its customers to determine their level of satisfaction. The company consistently exceeds its service-level performance goal, averaging more than 88 percent on the surveys. iContact’s customers enjoy responsive, educated, and high-quality service center support, available to them via chat, phone, and email.

The award was presented at the recent Annual Call Center Exhibition (ACCE) to the best call centers in the world to celebrate excellence in ICMI’s global membership of thousands of call center professionals.

About ICMI

The International Customer Management Institute is the leading global provider of comprehensive resources for customer management professionals – from frontline agents to executives – who wish to improve contact center operations, empower contact center employees, and enhance customer loyalty. ICMI’s experienced and dedicated team of industry insiders, analysts, and consultants is committed to providing uncompromised objectivity and results-oriented vision through the organization’s respected lineup of professional services including: training and certification, consulting, events, and informational resources. Founded in 1985, ICMI continues to serve as one of the most established and respected organizations in the call center industry.  For more information, visit www.icmi.com.

About iContact

iContact is a purpose-driven company based in Raleigh, NC, working to make email marketing and social marketing easy so that small and midsized companies and causes can grow and succeed. Founded in 2003, iContact has more than 300 employees and more than 700,000 users of its leading email marketing software. iContact also provides the event marketing platform Ettend. As a B Corporation, iContact utilizes the 4-1s Corporate Social Responsibility Model, donating 1% of employee time to community volunteering, 1% of payroll, 1% of equity, and 1% of product to its local and global community as part of its social mission. iContact works hard to maintain a fun, creative, energetic, challenging, and community-oriented company culture. Visit us on online at iContact.com, on Twitter @iContact, at iContact LinkedIn Group and on our Facebook Fan page.

ProjectE – Stark Reality of What I’ve Done

Its Monday and in only two days time, ProjectE kicks off.

The reality of what I have done is starting to kick-in. I’ve essentially, cut my normal income to 2/5th’s and launched into a complete unknown. There has been no proof-of-concept, just the belief that its a brilliant idea and can only happen if it has the time dedicated to it.

Its an idea I’ve had for over 5 years, the depth of its potential to help sooo many people is huge and frankly “I’m bricking it”. Its going to put myself (and the team) at the blunt end of eCommerce and there will be quiet heafty onus to get this right. I’m sure that everything will be OK. The topics, I’m 99.9% sure upon, its after-all, what I’ve been up to for the past 9 years, but even still, it makes you doubt your own abilities.

Its not really sunk in yet, those who were following the tweets on Friday for its codename ‘#ProjectE‘, would have seen some teasers being tweeted out and the beginnings of what is going to be a rather public journey.

The steps have been taken, I’m out of my comfort-zone.

I sincerely hope I look back at this post and laugh, while I remember that the difference between an employee and a entrepreneur is, only one small thing, action.

Photo by danielbroche

Project E is Coming!

“Project E” took several step forwards this week, there is some huge personal commitment now included and its the reason why I’ve had few updates here.

I’m so excited about it, but are keeping it under wraps for another week or so. Its never been done properly and never using the latest mediums, the breadth is huge and we’re (that’s a hint there is more than one of us) all pretty choked.

So on that note. Happy Friday.