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Scale, it’s All About Perspective

0Scale, it's All About Perspective

Howdy,Have you noticed how some people seem to fail and others seem to be very, very successful at what they do?The thing is, this isn't by accident.They look at the world differently and one of the key things that they look at differently is the perception of "scale". Scale on a Whole New Level In the video below by Brian Greene, the famous theoretical physicist & string theorist he dRead More

The Responsive eBay Template Builder in Minutes

0The Responsive eBay Template Builder in Minutes

Howdy,The full-house webinar we held for the launch of the Responsive eBay Listing Template builder was really good fun and we were at the limit of what GoToWebinar could handle, if you were able to make the live event, thank you!However if you were unable to make it live, instead of you watching the full hour long webinar, I've created you a 12 minute overview where Read More

Amazon to Use Pass My Parcel for SAME DAY Deliveries in the UK

0Amazon to Use Pass My Parcel for SAME DAY Deliveries in the UK

Howdy,You'll have no doubt seen the news by now that Amazon have just scored a massive "one up" with same day deliveries.Basically they're hijacking the transport system that is used to deliver newspapers to newsagents.This means that your customers will soon be able to order by 11:45 in the morning and have it in their hands by 4pm the same day.That's just sick. However where is eBay in all ofRead More

Meet Me @ eCommerce Expo – 1st & 2nd October – I’m Speaking Twice!

0Meet Me @ eCommerce Expo - 1st & 2nd October - I'm Speaking Twice!

Howdy,Are you going to this years eCommerce Expo in London on the 1st & 2nd October?If so come over & say howdy!I'd love to shake hands and put your name to a face. And... I'm Presenting Twice Twice on the first day!Just after lunch at 12:15 in the "Payment & Security Theatre" with WorldFirst and then in the afternoon with Alex Podopryhora, the MD of M2EPro at 16:00 iRead More

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